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Your business is important – to you and to Blossman Gas. Throughout the Southeast, Blossman gas serves a rapidly growing number of commercial and industrial companies. We know you have a choice when selecting a gas provider, so we will never stop working to earn and maintain your trust. A wide range of commercial and industrial customers throughout the Southeast trust Blossman Gas for reliable propane delivery service. From heating and cooking to forklifts and trucks, propane is a critical and cost-effective fuel for many types of businesses.

Trust Blossman Gas

Blossman Gas was founded in 1951 and is ranked the 9th largest propane dealer in the country. Our business customers depend on us to deliver a seamless supply of a reliable fuel. Contact us today for information on becoming a commercial or industrial customer.

Using Propane

Whether you’re running a commercial kitchen or a medical clinic, planning to build a new facility or renovating an existing facility, Blossman Gas will examine your operation and work with you to design a cost-effective gas plan. Industries we serve include agriculture, schools and universities, airports, commercial cooking, and commercial mowers.

Consolidated Billing

Blossman will provide you with a single consolidated bill for all of your products and services.

Fleet Vehicles

We are a founding partner of Alliance AutoGas, a nationwide network that provides a hassle-free solution to convert vehicle fleets from gasoline to propane autogas. Autogas is a clean-burning and economical fuel that is made in America – and switching from gasoline to autogas is easy.

To learn more about converting your fleet to the worlds most popular alternative fuel – autogas, CLICK HERE.

Environmental Benefits

Using propane is an easy way for businesses to support the movement for cleaner air quality. Propane mowers and autogas vehicles offer significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions. In agriculture, various methods of using propane are significantly reducing the use of harmful chemicals while also lowering costs. Facilities with large hot water demands can benefit greatly from tankless water heaters and combined heat and power (CHP) units.

Not sure if propane is right for you? Call a Blossman Gas customer representative for an honest assessment of your energy needs. If propane isn’t right for you, we hope to earn your trust so you’ll keep us in mind for the future.

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