Want to generate your own power and save money?

Blossman Gas offers micro-Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) units with output of up to 80 kW. A wide range of applications are available, meeting the needs of businesses like fitness centers, restaurants and health clubs, hotels, multi-family housing units, large residences and more.

With electricity prices and environmental awareness on the rise, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) offers an efficient, cost-effective solution that streamlines energy use while ensuring a constant power supply. Rather than using energy separately for electricity production and then steam generation, CHP combines the two processes, typically resulting in an overall efficiency measure of over 85 percent (compared to the electric grid’s efficiency of only 32%).

Lower Utility Bills

Since Blossman’s mCHP units use propane or natural gas, you can save money on your utility bills. In some states, excess electricity production can be sold back to the grid for credit.

Efficiency and Performance

The efficiency is measured by comparing the amount of energy created with the amount of energy used. Micro-Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) can help save you money and reduce your impact on the environment. The overall conversion efficiency is 85 percent, compared to the electric grid’s efficiency of only 32 percent (comparable to traditional power generation), and the exhaust heat recovery is 53.5 percent.

Low Emissions

Since overall efficiency is increased by as much as 50% with an mCHP system, there is a decrease in the amount of energy used and post-production emissions.

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