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Airports are increasingly subject to strict emissions regulations. Blossman Gas offers four simple ways for airports to simultaneously decrease their fuel costs and reduce their harmful emissions.

Propane-powered Airport Tugs

A simple conversion kit can enable your gasoline tugs to run on cleaner-burning, less expensive propane. Costs are in the $500 range per tug, and can be rapidly recouped through fuel cost savings with propane of $.75 to $1.00 less per gallon than gasoline. Additionally, older airport tugs often experience improved performance when operating on propane as well as reduced maintenance needs.

Airport Shuttles and Taxis

Propane vehicles are clean, safe and economical. The shuttles and taxis that serve your airport can easily be converted to run on propane autogas (propane is called autogas when it is used as a vehicle fuel). Visit the Alliance AutoGas website to learn about the substantial fuel cost savings and other benefits of using autogas.

Tarmac Vehicles

The vehicles that operate at your airport can be converted to run on propane autogas. It is cleaner than gasoline and, at around $1 less per gallon, it is significantly less expensive. Visit the Alliance AutoGas website to learn more.

Propane Mowers

Propane mowers produce significantly lower levels of harmful emissions than gasoline mowers. Visit our propane mower fueling website to learn more.

For more information about our airport propane services, call 1-888-BLOSSMAN.

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