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Many schools and universities in our service area trust Blossman Gas for safe, reliable propane gas service – including: University of Southern Alabama (Mobile, AL), Warren Wilson College (Asheville, NC), Clemson University (Clemson, SC), University of West Georgia (Carrollton, GA), James Madison University (Harrisburg, VA), University of Richmond (Richmond, VA) and Furman University (Greenville, SC).

Propane Gas Service for Schools and Universities

From water heaters and heat pumps to cafeteria appliances, Blossman Gas is proud to fuel educational institutions. Visit our commercial cooking page to learn more.

Eco-friendly Vehicles and School Buses

As a founding partner of Alliance AutoGas, Blossman Gas can help your institution switch from gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles to economical and eco-friendly autogas-powered vehicles. Plus, we’ll install a fueling station on your property at no cost to you. To learn more about autogas for schools and universities, visit our autogas page or go straight to the Alliance AutoGas website.

Eco-friendly Mowers

You can keep your campus beautiful and go green with propane-powered lawn mowers. Propane-powered mowers are significantly cleaner than gasoline mowers and offer a range of additional benefits: lower fuel costs, longer operating intervals between fueling, decreased fuel spillage, and the virtual elimination of fuel pilferage. For details about how to begin a green mower program at your institution, visit our Propane Mower Fueling website.

Eco-friendly micro-Combined Heat and Power (mCHP) Units

mCHP units can substantially lower your utility costs while also reducing your carbon footprint. With electricity prices and environmental awareness on the rise, mCHP technology offers an efficient, cost-effective solution that streamlines energy use while ensuring a constant power supply. Rather than using energy separately for electricity production and then steam generation, CHP combines the two processes, typically resulting in a overall efficiency measure of over 80 percent. Visit our mCHP page to learn more.

For more information on working with Blossman Gas to provide appliances and gas service for your school or university, call 1-888-BLOSSMAN or contact the Blossman store nearest you.

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