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Bayou Classic 4-gallon Fryer

Bayou Classic 4-gallon fryer is one of the most efficient deep fryers on the market today.

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Price: $349.00

Bayou Classic 2.5-gallon Fryer

A newer, smaller, more efficient version of the classic Bayou Classic Fryer! Sturdy, restaurant-quality durability and performance.

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Price: $299.00

Bayou Classic 60qt Boil and Steam Kit

There is nothing like cooking on the Bayou with the Bayou Classic brand.

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Price: $249.00

Bayou Classic Double Burner

Bayou classic outdoor cookers are the traditional and reliable choice for outdoor cooking. They are portable and can be used for camping, rv's, tailgating, and backyard parties.

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Price: $129.00

Bayou Classic Cooker

The Bayou Classic Bayou Fryer adds to your oil life saving you money, and saves time by being the ultimate frying machine. This cooker has all the bells and whistles a first-rate fish fryer needs.

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Price: $75.00

Bayou Classic Single Jet Cooker

This powerful outdoor gas cooking stove features a jet flame that puts out a whopping 185,000 BTUs at full bore. As a result, large pots of water or oil heat very quickly.

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Price: $59.00

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