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Alfa Moderno 2 Pizze

Brand: Afla

Price: $2,899.00

*Pricing for propane only


  • The Moderno’s excellent performance comes from its smart design and careful attention to details.

  • Seamlessly fits into the style of modern outdoor spaces.
  • Heats up quickly and is ready for use immediately.
  • Reach high temperatures, up to 500° C, within just 30 minutes.
  • Perfect for more than just pizzas-breads, vegetables, roasts and desserts can prepared in oven.
  • Pyrometer allows easy temperature reading.


The 2 Pizze oven stands out as a high-performance cooking tool, seamlessly integrating functional design and meticulous attention to detail with Alfa's cutting-edge technology. This makes it an ideal addition to contemporary outdoor spaces. With its compact size and user-friendly features, the 2 Pizze oven is perfect for those with limited space on their balcony, terrace, or garden who still wish to indulge in outdoor cooking. This efficient oven quickly heats up and becomes instantly ready, facilitating the preparation of a variety of recipes. Enjoy the pleasure of entertaining and surprising your closest friends with pizzas that rival those from a pizzeria.

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