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Afla Classico 2 Pizze

Brand: Alfa

Price: $3,599.00

*Pricing for propane only


  • Features a traditional and elegant design.

  • Compact enough to integrate into any space.
  • Cooking chamber allows 2 pizzas at 2kg of bread cooking simultaneously in 90 seconds.
  • Interchangeable refractory blocks.
  • Reaches temperatures of 500° C.
  • Ergonomic handle for easy opening without risk of injury.
  • Pyrometer that allows easy temperature reading.


Experience the charm of a gas-burning pizza oven, combining a traditional design with a compact size that ensures a perfect pizza in just 90 seconds and accommodates up to 2 kg of bread per baking session. Designed for those with limited space, 2 Pizze offers an ideal solution for individuals who wish to delight friends and family with pizzas and other tasty delicacies. This versatile pizza oven goes beyond pizza, enabling you to prepare a variety of recipes, including fragrant bread, succulent roasts, flavorful lasagna, savory vegetables, and delightful desserts.

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