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Professional cooks prefer cooking with gas. With propane, you can get the precise results you want in less time, while cutting operating costs.

Blossman Gas can help take your restaurant business to the next level by providing you with energy-saving ideas, operating-cost comparisons, and reliable service and support for your propane equipment.

Precise Temperature Control

Propane provides fast, efficient and precise temperature control for all of your cooking needs.


Propane helps cut operating costs in every corner of the kitchen – from the range to the sink. It’s no secret that the cost associated with heating water is a significant portion of the overall energy budget for any restaurant business. Set your restaurant business up to save with our water heaters and booster heaters for dishwashing.


Propane appliances reduce cooking time and fuel consumption, so you can make better use of your resources. For example, the instantaneous tankless water heater saves storage space and supplies hot water for immediate use by drawing water through the heater as you need it.


Propane ranges offer precise control that their electric counterparts cannot. That means no warm-up delays and no carryover heat. Gas is also the only economical choice that can deliver large quantities of hot water on a continual basis. Let Blossman show you how propane will provide more hot water in less space, for less money and in less time than any comparable electric unit. Visit our product directory to learn more about tankless water heaters.

Low Maintenance

Propane equipment is low maintenance, so you’ll save money and time, and ventilation requirements are the same as with electric equipment, so making the transition to propane is easy.

Your restaurant operation has many different kinds of cooking equipment to consider: fryers, ovens, ranges, griddles, charbroilers, etc. There are also many options when it comes to heating water in your kitchen, from water heaters to propane booster heaters to micro-Combined Heat and Power units. To ensure your equipment performs at its maximum potential and produces a quality product for your customers, trust Blossman Gas as your one-stop resource. Visit our product directory to learn more.

For more information on working with Blossman Gas to provide appliances and gas service for your commercial kitchen, call 1-888-BLOSSMAN or contact the Blossman store nearest you.

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