Wintertime Outdoor Living with a Propane Heater

Winter may be in full swing, but do not let that stop you from enjoying your patio space! The best way to get through the chill is by setting up an outdoor patio heater powered by propane.

Why Propane?

With a wide selection of compact designs that don’t require an outlet, you can find the perfect option to cozy up any space. Propane patio heaters are available from tabletop size all the way up to standing models, and they can safely raise the temperature by up to 25 degrees Fahrenheit in a 25-foot radius. Propane heaters can come in every shape and style, and you’re sure to find an option that matches your other outdoor décor and complements your home’s exterior.

Some outdoor propane heaters offer the convenience of portability when not in use. Portable patio heaters are easy to set up yourself, and are powered by a portable propane tank. In fact, one 20-pound propane tank can power a patio heater up to 10 hours. Whether you are a homeowner or a restaurant owner, a patio heater can make outdoor dining a reality this time of the year. 

Blossman Can Help!

Blossman Gas has an assortment of propane outdoor living products that fit all budgets (see more HERE). Contact your local Blossman Gas store to find out further information on upgrading your outdoor living space with propane.