Who Is Blossman: Noah Wassem

BLossman Gas Employee Noah Wassem standing in front of newly finished fireplace

Set to graduate from Powhatan High School in the spring of 2017, Noah Wassem was excited to attend college at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). “VCU was pretty close to home for me, and I knew they had a great Art Program. It was a passion of mine in high school and made sense at the time,” says Wassem. After a semester at VCU, Noah started to reconsider his future.

A More Sustainable Path

“After a few weeks in the program, I started to give a lot of thought to my future, and if the type of degree I was pursuing would give me an advantage in the workforce. I knew I needed to look into a path that would be more sustainable.” Noah transferred to John Tyler Community College, while also working in landscaping. “I have always enjoyed working with my hands. My dad owns a power-washing company, and I use to help him when I was younger. That was what made me interested in working for Blossman.”

Apprenticeship Opportunity

After reaching out to enquire about employment opportunities within the company, Noah found that Blossman was interested in growing an apprenticeship program. He accepted the position with the Blossman Gas location in Powhatan, VA. “I am glad everything came together as it did. When I first started, it was exciting to shadow all of our different departments and learn about everything that Blossman provides. Over the last few months, I have mainly been setting new tanks for customers, though I recently participated in a water heater training class, and hope to be doing more work with propane appliances soon.”

Hopes for the Future

When asked what he hopes for his future with Blossman Gas, Wassem says, “I want to stay with Blossman for a long time, since there are so many possibilities within the company. I am enjoying learning all the skills needed for everything we offer as a company. I believe I am in a better situation for my future now compared to when I was graduating high school.”