Who is Blossman? Meet Nate Vargas.

Nate Vargas Palmetto Gas, A Blossman Company, Employee HeadshotBlossman Gas has always been considered a company that exists for the benefit of its employees so that they may in turn deliver superior service to customers. Nate Vargas, a Service Technician at Palmetto Gas & Building Specialties, a Blossman Company located in Ridgeland, SC, is a perfect example of that. Originally from Costa Rica, Nate has been an employee at Palmetto Gas since 2013.

“Prior to accepting the position with Palmetto Gas, I had connected with Julio [Service Manager for Palmetto Gas]. He knew my background in hospitality and thought I would be a good fit with the company,” says Nate.

After getting married in 2013, Nate and his wife bought a home and started their family. “Working for this company has allowed me to provide for my family while having the down time to spend with family.”

In addition to work and family life, Nate was working towards earning his United States Citizenship. “It was a challenging process. I am a Christian, so I prayed and put my faith in God. There were over 100 questions I needed to know to be prepared. Fortunately, my wife and coworkers were encouraging throughout the entire process.”

On August 27th, 2019, Nate officially received his citizenship. “It’s a blessing to being able to tell my family and friends that I am now an official U.S. citizen.”

On behalf of Blossman Gas, we congratulate Nate on his United States Citizenship and thank him for his years of great customer service with us!