Who Is Blossman: Meet Malcolm Beaugez

Blossman Employee Malcolm Pictured In UniformBefore graduating from Ocean Springs High in the spring of 2019, Malcolm Beaugez found himself in a different mindset than most of his friends from school. While most of the students getting ready to graduate were trying to figure out which dorm they would be moving into in the fall, Beaugez had other aspirations for after he received his diploma.

“I never thought college would be for me. I was already used to working with my dad, and I had no interest in acquiring student debt,” says Beaugez. Growing up in Ocean Springs, where Blossman Gas was founded in 1951, Malcolm was already familiar with the company. “Blossman was involved throughout our community when I was growing up, and my parents were friends with one of the drivers for Blossman. He told me I should look into the company if I was interested in beginning a career.”

After reaching out about employment opportunities within the company, Malcolm found that Blossman was interested in growing an apprenticeship program. He accepted the position with the Blossman Gas location in Gulfport, MS. “One thing in particular that made me want to come on board was the opportunity to learn in different departments of the organization.” From providing customer service and keeping up a retail showroom to training under Mark Kidd, Service Technician in Gulfport, Malcolm is learning many different skills within the company.

When asked what he hopes for his future with Blossman Gas, Beaugez says, “I would like to obtain my CDL license when I am old enough to take the test. I am hoping to stay at the Gulfport store for a long time. Our manager [David Miller] is great to work for and I have enjoyed learning under Mark. As long as Blossman is taking care of me, I know I will be in a good employment position.”