Who is Blossman? Marisa Burgess

Marisa Burgess

Marisa Burgess was born and raised in Massachusetts. She worked for 10 years in the office at Roche Bros, a grocery store, where she discovered her enjoyment of math and balancing. She then transitioned into a service scheduling position at an appliance store before moving to Myrtle Beach, SC. There, she started working for Ford’s Fuel and Propane, which led her to fall in love with all things accounting. “I love problem-solving, being organized, and data entry,” Marisa stated. She joined the Blossman team through the Ford’s Propane acquisition in 2021 and has been a Branch Administrator in Myrtle Beach for almost 3 years.

When asked about a typical workday, Marisa described it as “beautiful chaos.” Her daily tasks include completing billing, assisting customers with any service or account needs, and researching account problems. Marisa finds that Blossman’s technology and safety standards make her job easier and help provide the best customer care and support.

While some may be intimidated by challenges, Marisa welcomes them. She is called the “chaos coordinator” by some. “I love a good puzzle, I love making everything perfect,” Marisa explained, “and I feel I put my skills to good use every day.”

When she isn’t working, Burgess enjoys staying active in sports. She participates in both slow-pitch softball and pickleball and says that staying active helps her maintain her positivity, as well as being around her friends.

Burgess looks forward to her future with Blossman Gas, “I know there are many opportunities to grow.” Her advice to someone starting out in a role like hers is to remember that it’s okay to make mistakes and to view everything as a learning experience.