Who is Blossman: Kim Reynolds

Kim Reynolds HeadshotAfter a cross-state move to the Asheville region in the summer of 2017, Kim Reynolds was drawn to Blossman Gas by its reputation throughout the propane industry. She spent most of her career working in the natural gas industry and was intrigued by the opportunities and solutions that propane gas presented. “Vendors with whom I’d established relationships with in other companies spoke highly of Blossman Gas,” says Kim. “I was thrilled to join Blossman Gas and hit the ground running. My manager and other teammates quickly proved Blossman to be the good place everyone had told me it would be.”

Before being promoted to VP of Business Development, Kim started as a Commercial Account Representative. She is very active in calling upon national builders and developers, educating them on the benefits of community propane systems. Community propane systems provide a scalable and flexible energy solution for builders and developers, delivering propane gas to homes with individual meters, all from a central tank, or multiple tanks. Kim also serves as the Rinnai Liaison at Blossman. Rinnai serves as a reputable vendor for Blossman Gas.

When speaking on working for Blossman Gas, Kim added “I appreciate the team/family culture at Blossman. We care about our employees and customers equally. Though the company is the largest independent propane dealer in the nation, the leadership still goes out of their way to show concern for the individual employee. It’s a privilege to work under management who wants to be the most innovative in the propane market. While I may not have grown up telling my mom I wanted to sell gas for a living, I love selling such a versatile fuel that is clean, cost-efficient and convenient. It’s an honor to serve my community as a member of the Blossman team!”