Who Is Blossman: Jamison Walker

Growing up in a military family, Jamison Walker, Branch Manager for the Blossman Gas store in Fredericksburg, VA, moved around often before graduating from Kellam High School in Virginia Beach. “After graduating I knew I wanted to continue my education. I was unsure on what to major in, but I knew I could put the pieces together at a good university.”

College & Beyond

Walker enrolled at James Madison University and graduated in 2011 with a degree in Integrated Science and Technology. After graduation, Walker accepted a position with Virginia Clean Cities. “It was a good opportunity for me coming out of college and being able to work with the Clean Cities program. I had a lot of involvement with the Southeast Propane Autogas Development Program, which was when I first became familiar with both Blossman Gas and Alliance AutoGas (AAG).” Blossman Gas is a founding member of AAG, the nation’s only complete program to help fleets shift from gasoline to autogas, which is what propane is called when used as a vehicle fuel.

After working with members of Blossman Gas and AAG on various autogas projects with Virginia Clean Cities, Walker became interested in joining the team. Walker accepted a Business Development positon with Alliance Autogas in 2014. “During my time with the Clean Cities, I was always impressed with the work AAG and Blossman were accomplishing within the propane industry. I was offered a position to cover the Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. territories for AAG, which were all areas I knew well.”

Maintaining Professional Relationships

After working for nearly three years with the company, Walker decided to step down to pursue managing a fleet he was connected to through AAG. “It was a difficult decision at the time, however, I saw it as an opportunity to gain managerial experience while staying in the industry.” In 2018, Blossman Gas was searching for someone to manage its store in Fredericksburg, VA. “I kept close relationships with many in the organization, even after I had left. Once I had discussions with Blossman about the manager opening here in Fredericksburg, I knew it was a great chance to come back onboard.”

Leading in the Right Direction

When asked about what a typical workday looks like for him, Walker explained that it can be unpredictable. “I look at myself as a utility guy. Some days I need to be at a site visit, some days my technician needs my help, and some days I need to attend a recruiting event for our store. I am always trying to lead our team in the right direction and help with whatever they need on a day-to-day basis.”

When asked about the future of Blossman Gas and his store in Fredericksburg, Walker said “I believe anybody that is familiar with the Blossman brand knows the good work we do throughout the industry. I am continually excited for our team to be working in Fredericksburg. Many are starting to include our town in the Northern Virginia market, as we are seeing more and more families move down here. We will continue to look at ways that our Blossman store can better serve this community.”