Who is Blossman: Ian Vinson

Ian Vinson and Family

Ian was born and raised in the same small town he now works – Burnsville, NC. He explained that since it is such a small town, there was not much to do, but everyone knew each other, which helped him feel a sense of community. After obtaining his GED, Ian considered his options for a career. Since he was a boy, Ian loved to fix things. He remembered the first project he ever undertook, which was fixing his mother’s recliner. “I still remember the smile she had on her face when I fixed it,” Ian explained, “that stuck with me.” This interest in fixing things is what led Ian down the path to become an Apprentice Technician, and later, a Service Technician.

Starting out as an Apprentice Technician, Ian knew he had a lot to learn, which made him a little nervous. One of the jobs that made him the most nervous was piping houses. Luckily, he had a great mentor, Danny Branton, a Service Tech with over 20 years of experience. Ian learned quickly and was able to become a full Service Technician in just under two years.

What does Ian’s workday look like? The day starts with all of the Service Techs and other team members at the Burnsville store greeting each other and catching up on some of the jobs they have done. Then, he checks his tablet to see what tasks he needs to do for the day and asks questions if needed. At this point, he loads his truck with whatever he needs and heads out to complete his tasks. Ian said that his workload depends on the season, but generally, diagnosing problems is easier and having to pipe houses is one of the more difficult jobs. Either while he is working, or after he is done, he will speak with the customer about the problem. His goal while he does this is to try and make them smile, just like he did with his mother years ago, and that is his favorite part of the job.

In his free time, Ian likes to hunt, fish, and spend time with his wife and child. He has a one-and-a-half year-old son with a little girl on the way. Ian strives to continue to grow in every aspect of his life to become a better person. He is currently working on buying a new house and wants to continue his education to become a Master Service Technician.