Who Is Blossman?

A series in which Blossman Gas employees provide insight into what it’s like to work a day in their shoes.

Harland Jewell Gas Salesman
Harland Jewell Gas Salesman
Harland Jewell Gas Salesman

In 2017, Blossman Gas acquired the company where I had worked for over 17 years. As with any acquisition, I was not sure what would happen at first – would there be layoffs, would they still need someone with my jack-of-all-trades skillset? I learned quickly that was not the case. Blossman graciously welcomed me into their family.

I have been in the propane industry for almost 20 years. I’m the guy that when someone needs help, they call on me. It is a little bit like being the sixth man on a basketball team. I know what to do and can respond right away when the team needs me, and I am genuinely happy to do it.

With Blossman, I ended up continuing much of the same work, including cylinder delivery exchange for forklift accounts – and anything else that comes up day-to-day. Now, I spend most of my days driving a bobtail truck delivering propane to existing forklift accounts. I used to make those deliveries with a flatbed delivery truck, but with new technology through Blossman, I am more efficient at my job and it is easier on my back!

I have been working with forklift companies for years. Knowing what they need is like knowing the back of my hand and I love being able to continue to serve them through my role at Blossman. I feel that Blossman does not just value the knowledge I have, but values me as an individual. Blossman’s approach to taking care of an individual, whether customer or employee, is the same as my personal beliefs. Through my faith, I too look for any chance to speak a kind word to others and encourage them to keep moving forward with positivity in their hearts.

As Blossman’s core values state, ‘Do unto others as they need you to do unto them.’