Who is Blossman: Chase Marcus

With Father’s Day right around the corner, we wanted to highlight a Blossman Gas team member who has a lot to say about being a father. There was no better choice than Blossman Gas’s new Graphic Designer – Chase Marcus.

Chase began working for the company a little over a month ago, but that is not the only new milestone in Chase’s life. 6 months ago, Chase’s son, Sylas, was born. With both of these big life events taking place so closely together, how does Chase handle it?

“To be successful, especially with having to make designs for all of our different locations’ events, I need to be organized and know how to manage my time well. Like, so I do not have to reinvent the wheel with every graphic, I look back at my old designs and see if I can repurpose them for future events.” Chase also mentioned that having a child made him much more motivated. “Now with having a baby, everything I do is centered around providing for my family. So, I give my 100% here at work so that my wife can stay home and raise our son.”

Chase also wanted to mention how his father has helped him get to where he is today. “My dad has been a very inspirational person when it comes to my work ethic and morals. He has taught me to be dedicated by providing for me, my mom, and my brother. He set the example for how I think I should be as a father.”

Chase also had a great piece of advice for soon-to-be fathers! “The biggest thing I have learned is go with the flow… You may have expectations for how certain things may go, but a new baby will change things. So rather than be upset when things don’t go as planned, just enjoy the moment.”

For Father’s Day, Chase plans to relax and spend time with his family at home. They have been trying to watch all of the Star Wars movies and hope to make more progress Sunday.