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According to the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), 84% of gas grill owners say it is important to follow basic safe grilling tips when using a gas grill, yet only one-in-three (35%) say they know a great deal about them. A separate PERC survey also found that less than 10% of American adults chose grilling-related risks or accidents as the top two common summertime risks that concern them, even as the typical grill owner cooks outdoors 22 times during the barbecue season.

To help the 74 million U.S. “barbecue households” enjoy a safe and healthy summer season, here are the Top 10 Grilling Guidelines from Blossman Gas.

Top Ten Propane Gas Grilling Guidelines

  1. Your propane supplier should check for dents, damage, rust or leaks when refilling the cylinder.
  2. After filling or exchanging, take the cylinder home immediately. Keep the vehicle ventilated and the cylinder valve closed and capped.
  3. Always use or store cylinders outdoors in an upright (vertical) position. Do not use, store, or transport cylinders near high temperatures (this includes storing spare cylinders near the grill).
  4. Never leave the grill unattended. Always follow grill manufacturer’s instructions on lighting the grill and make sure the grill top is open when attempting to light the grill.
  5. Before connecting the cylinder to a propane gas grill burner for the first time, use a leak-detection solution (a 50/50 mixture of water and liquid soap) to check connections for tightness. Do not use matches or lighters to check for leaks.
  6. If you suspect a gas leak, and are able to safely turn off the gas supply valve, do so immediately and call the fire department.
  7. Do not allow children to tamper or play with the cylinder or grill.
  8. Do not smoke while handling a propane cylinder.
  9. Never pour an accelerant such as lighter fluid or gasoline on the grill.
  10. When not in use, turn off grill burner controls and close cylinder valve.

Propane Safety Checks

Grilling provides more opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own backyard. Use these top ten grilling safety tips from Blossman Gas to help you enjoy a safe and happy grilling season.

If you are unsure whether your propane gas system is working properly, a Blossman Gas trained technician will perform a Gas Safety CheckTo learn more, contact your local Blossman Gas store or call 1-888-BLOSSMAN.