The Necessity of Propane in Emergency Situations

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. In the name of awareness, Blossman Gas wants to take this opportunity to go over the different ways propane can be used in emergency situations. We also want to cover why propane is more valuable than other sources of power during emergency situations.

Why Propane?

Propane is known for its versatility. In previous natural disasters, no diesel fuel was available because the diesel ships could not arrive at ports. However, propane suppliers were not interrupted, and propane powered school buses were used to get medical personnel to emergency situations and to hospitals. Electric power is also unreliable in emergency situations, as it is common for power outages to occur during natural disasters. Even equipment with batteries will need to recharge after a certain amount of time and there is no guarantee the power will be restored before those batteries run out of charge.

Life Saving Equipment Relies on Propane

Propane is a low emissions fuel that is stored on-site and used directly to power generators. Emergency responders use propane-powered generators to keep their facilities operating and provide warming shelters for their residents. In addition to heating, propane also provides power for lighting, cooking, medical equipment and other critical infrastructure, like public transportation. City leaders and businesses can protect people and infrastructure by ensuring they have propane-powered generators and an adequate amount of propane stored on-site.