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Ordering Gas Through Text

Blossman Gas launched a new feature in which you can order gas by text. It’s that easy!

Step-by-Step Instructions

1.)  To order gas through text message, send “I want a delivery” to 888-264-2730. Message & data rates may apply.


2.)  You’ll receive a confirmation request stating, “Thank you for contacting Blossman Gas. It appears you are requesting a propane delivery. Reply ORDER GAS to confirm.”


3.)  Once you text the “Order Gas” confirmation, you will receive a delivery ticket number. “Your Blossman Gas delivery #123456 has been created.”


4.)  You will receive a text alert when he delivery has been completed.
Picture of the Text messaging thread example to on ordering gas - all instructions are written out.
Note, your request will not process for the following reasons:


  • The phone number you are using to make the request is not associated with any account.
  • There is a hold on your account.
  • There is an open delivery ticket on the account.
  • There is no delivery tank on the account.
  • There are multiple delivery tanks on the account.


Please call your local Blossman Gas store to order gas if one of these situations apply to you.
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