National Propane Day Fun Facts

On October 7th, at 5am, National Propane Day officially begins. This day and time is chosen to reflect the propane placard which is assigned the number 1075. To celebrate, get to know propane and its impact on our economy and environment.

How Does Propane Benefit the Economy?

More than 90% of propane is produced in the USA. Using propane reduces our country’s dependency on foreign oil. So where does this propane come from? Most domestic propane is a byproduct of natural gas processing – specifically, propane is extracted as part of a process that removes condensation from natural gas pipelines. Current U.S. propane supplies are abundant due mostly to an overall increase in natural gas production. Some propane is also produced from the crude oil refinement process. During the stabilization stage of crude oil refining, heavier hydrocarbons sink, while lighter hydrocarbons (such as propane) rise, making them easy to separate. In combination with butane, propane accounts for between one and four percent of processed crude oil.

How Does Propane Benefit the Environment?

How does propane benefit the environment? To start, propane is nontoxic. If there is a leak, propane gas won’t harm the surrounding soil, water, or any living creatures. Also, compared with vehicles fueled by conventional diesel and gasoline, propane vehicles can produce lower amounts of some harmful air pollutants and greenhouse gases, depending on vehicle type, drive cycle, and engine calibration.

If you want to learn more, The Propane Education & Research Council have been hosting informative livestreams which they have posted on their social media.