Labor Day Grill Safety Tips

The long Labor Day weekend is upon us! Naturally, many families will want to take advantage of the warm weather before the summer ends by grilling out. To be prepared, take a look at these grill safety tips to ensure your family has a fun and safe long weekend!

1.) Follow the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Storage, assembly, maintenance, and cleaning are all items that should be reviewed in the grill’s manufacturer’s instructions. An example of something that would be found in the manufacturer’s instructions would be to keep your propane grill lid open while starting it. Do not close the lid until you are sure the grill has lighted.

2.) Position the Grill in a Safe Location

Grills should be located outdoors and at least five feet away from any structure. Your grill should also be kept on a level surface that is clear of outdoor furniture, overhead trees, or other potential fire hazards.

3.) Check for Leaks

Before connecting the cylinder to a propane gas grill burner for the first time, use a 50/50 mixture of water and liquid soap to check connections for leaks. Expanding bubbles indicate a leak. Follow this procedure every time you replace a cylinder.

4.) Follow Proper Lighting and Relighting Procedures

Following the proper lighting procedures is important for safety. As mentioned in the owner’s manual section, keep the lid open while lighting the grill. If the flame goes out, turn off the gas and refer to the owner’s manual. Wait 15 minutes at the very least before attempting to relight.

5.) Be Present

Never leave your grill unattended. Make sure you keep an eye on your grill so that you can catch anything wrong before it becomes a bigger issue.

6.) Shut it Down

When you are finished grilling, make sure the burner controls are completely shut off and the propane cylinder valve is completely closed.