Hurricane Season Safety Tips

As hurricane season approaches, Blossman Gas urges all residents to take essential safety precautions. Assessing your home’s risk and developing emergency plans is crucial for your protection.

Safety Tips for Propane Users

  1. Proper Storage:
    • Never store propane tanks indoors.
    • This also applies to propane equipment not certified for indoor use, such as generators, grills, cookers, and fryers.
  2. Emergency Planning:
    • Develop an emergency plan and review it regularly with your family.
    • Include instructions for turning off your propane tank and indoor propane appliances.
  3. Disaster Supply Kit:
    • Prepare a disaster supply kit containing clean water, non-perishable food, extra clothing and blankets, flashlights with batteries, and a battery-powered radio.
  4. Propane Supply:
    • Maintain an adequate supply of propane in your tank.
    • Propane and other fuels may not be available during and after severe weather, and road access for deliveries might be restricted.
  5. Home and Property Preparation:
    • Secure outdoor furniture, tools, and appliances.
    • Trim trees and clean gutters.
  6. Evacuation Instructions:
    • Follow local authorities’ instructions regarding evacuations.
    • Evacuate the area when necessary.

When to Call Your Propane Service Provider:

  • If you smell propane gas.
  • If the propane tank has shifted or moved.
  • If the tank regulator was exposed to water.
  • If gas lines have pulled away from the tank or are damaged, bent, or broken.
  • If propane appliances or controls were exposed to water.

Your safety is our priority. By following these guidelines, you can help protect yourself and your loved ones during hurricane season.