How to Check Your Propane Tank Gauge Percentage

With more time being spent at home, Blossman Gas is recommending that customers regularly monitor their propane tank level to ensure an adequate level of propane to fuel your furnace or gas appliances. Here’s how.

The frequency at which you’ll need to order propane depends on a number of factors:

Number of appliances using propane

Total size of your propane tank/s

Size of your home

Propane Gauge Tank PercentageModern propane tanks are equipped with a gauge that helps you verify the level of propane left in your tank. To check the gauge on your tank, look for a round dial that looks similar to a speedometer. Typically, it is located at the top of your propane tank next to the fill pipe. The numbers on the gauge range from 5-95. These numbers indicate the percentage of how much your tank is filled – NOT the number of gallons left in the tank.

Good to note: propane tanks are designed to be filled to 80% of capacity. This is because gas needs room to expand with changing temperatures. A “full” propane tank gauge will read 80%.

If your gauge reads 30% or lower, it’s time to request a delivery! This allows enough time to get your request scheduled and delivered without the worry of running out.

Still not sure about reading your propane gauge? Watch this video.

Ready to order a gas delivery? Here’s how.

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