The Innovative Heat Pump Helper™

In the pursuit of energy-efficient and sustainable solutions, the heat pump has emerged as a key player in the heating and cooling industry. As technology advances, a new innovation known as the “Heat Pump Helper™” is making waves, promising to enhance the efficiency and functionality of heat pump systems. This innovative solution is designed to offer an efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable alternative to electric resistance strip heating in air-source heat pumps.

The Heat Pump Helper™ features hybrid technology to bring the comfort of propane to newly installed or pre-existing heat pumps. Working with an existing thermostat, an air handler module communicates to a propane tankless water heater to circulate hot water through a hydronic coil that has been installed at the air handler. The result is improved efficiency, lower operating costs, and greater comfort for homeowners.


Hybrid heat pump solutions deliver fast and consistent comfort, warming a home without relying on scorched, dry air from electric heat strips.


Compared to all-electric systems, hybrid heat pump solutions reduce operating costs by 35%.


Hybrid heat pump solutions are energy efficient, requiring less amperage while still improving heating performance.


For homeowners considering future additions of solar- or wind-generated power, a hybrid heat pump solution can make installation more cost-effective due to the reduced electrical peak and running loads.

Stuart Weidie, president and CEO of Blossman Gas and a PERC councilor, says the heat pump market has massive potential for the propane industry. “This is our answer to the heat pumps being incentivized and going everywhere,” says Weidie, whose company is one of the early adopters of the HPH technology. “Hydroheating has been around for 30 years, but this is a new and innovative product because it can go in any manufacturer’s system. It’s a beautiful thing.”