Meet a Staff member: Driver Derrick Rice

Our truck drivers at Blossman Gas are valued members of our operation. To end National Truck Drivers Appreciation Week for 2022, one of our drivers, Derrick Rice, gave a behind the scenes look at what goes on in a Blossman Truck Driver’s day-to-day.

Derrick grew up in the Asheville, NC area which is where he works currently. However, within the last year, he became an “area floater.” This means that, when necessary, he may have to drive routes at a different branch to meet demand.

When Derrick comes in for the day, the first thing he does is make sure his truck is safe to leave. Then, at about 5 am, Derrick departs the store to run by his commercial stops first. He has about 5 commercial stops and is usually finished with those around 7 am. From here, he has 20 to 25 residential stops and is usually done for the day by 3 pm. When he comes back to the store, he loads his truck to ensure that everything for the next shift, regardless of the driver, is ready to go!

Derrick talked about some of his favorite aspects of the job. He mentioned that he enjoys the independence and ability to move around while he works, but the best part is the people. More specifically, his coworkers and management. Derrick said he likes that the business feels like a “family-type setting” and everyone who works with Blossman makes the company what it is. He added “as long as you do your job to the best of your ability, you have nothing to worry about.”