Cook Like a Pro on Your Gas Range

Professional chefs prefer cooking on a gas range. Thanks to the convenience and affordability of home propane, you can cook like a pro from the comfort of your own kitchen. Blossman Gas stores offer a variety of propane cooktops in a wide range of prices for home use including beautiful appliances like this ZLINE gas range.

Why Choose a Gas Range?

96 percent of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. Why? Instant on and off. More precise temperature control. More even heating. And propane’s advantages don’t end in the kitchen. Propane cooking appliances offer greater efficiency and energy savings, too. Serious cooking demands propane cooking appliances.

Propane cooking equipment provides convenience, sharp design, and excellent performance in any kitchen — from starter homes to high-end custom projects. An attractive, stainless-steel gas range that combines a propane cooktop and oven is perfect for space-challenged homeowners, while propane also offers commercial-grade ranges, indoor grills and cooktops, in-wall double ovens, and other gas cooking applications in luxurious custom kitchens. In all cases, propane gives the homeowner ample cooking performance and precise temperature control in a wide variety of product designs.


Propane ranges, ovens, and other cooking appliances will have wide variations in energy use and costs — depending primarily on frequency of use. Homeowners who use their range and/or oven daily will use more energy, while infrequent chefs will have low usage rates. A general annual estimate for propane use in the kitchen is 40-60 gallons per year, or roughly $80-$120/year.

Ask your local Blossman Gas today about which propane range is best for your home. Our experienced teams make installation a breeze for the customer by handling everything from the tank & propane delivery to appliance installation & safety checks.