House During Evening With All Lights On

No matter when it happens, a power outage can be a hassle. In the middle of the winter; however, the potential consequences of being without power for an extended period can be serious. At the same time, snow and ice storms can make it even more difficult to get your power up and running. Propane standby generators are a powerful, reliable way to protect homes and families, as well as buildings and businesses, from the damage a power outage can cause. In fact, we’ve put together 5 top reasons to choose a propane generator this winter.

Blossman’s Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Propane Generator this Winter:

1. Compared to gasoline generators, propane-powered models are more efficient in cold weather and experience less difficulty starting.

2. The reliability of a propane generator is unparalleled, offering no power interruptions during extreme weather.

3. Propane-powered generators provide safer handling with no risk of spillage or leaks that can create a hazard in the dark.

4. Propane’s indefinite shelf life makes it an ideal fuel for a back-up generators, unlike diesel and gasoline, which will degrade in a matter of months.

5. The same propane supply that fuels your generator can also handle your home’s heating, water heating, cooking, and clothes-drying needs. This allows you to be independent of the grid – so when the power goes out, you stay up and running.

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