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Bayou Classic 62qt Boil and Steam Kit

Bayou Classic 60Qt. Boil and Steam Kit

Brand: Bayou Classic

Price: $337.00

*Pricing for propane only
Model: KDS 160


  • 62-qt. stockpot includes lid

  • Perforated stainless steel basket for boiling or steaming
  • Indentation on stockpot wall to support basket 3-in above pot bottom for steaming
  • All stainless steel cooker frame construction
  • 12.5 in. tall jet cooker frame with single bolt attachment
  • 100,000 BTUs


Exploring the bayous and marshlands of southern Louisiana, crabbing from the shore, camping on the beach, duck hunting, bass fishing – these are the outdoor experiences upon which Bayou Classic was founded – and at the end of the day, it was always about cooking. The ‘Bayou’ theme touches every product sold, and is at the heart of the Bayou Classic brand. Whether backyard entertaining or roughing it at a camp; whether tailgating before the big game or race day; whether spending a day at the park or a day at the beach; there is always that unmistakable feeling from cooking on the Bayou!

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