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Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires. When you fry foods, you increase the risk of a cooking fire. Check out these tips on how to be safe this holiday.

As we all prepare for Hurricane Matthew, Blossman Gas wants to ensure the safety of our customers in the event of an evacuation. Should you and your family evacuate, shut off your propane tank by turning the gas supply valve in a clockwise direction.

Summer may be ending, but don’t stow away your grill just yet. With high school, collegiate, and professional football getting into full swing, it's time to move the BBQ from the backyard to the parking lot. Next time you support your favorite team, pack up the party and your portable grill.

Just in Time for Labor Day! Blossman Gas in Trenton Holds August 27 Community Open House

As summertime quickly approaches and we take to the outdoors to cook, light and heat the porch, Blossman Gas,, wants consumers to know that propane, a clean, efficient energy source, is not just for firing up the grill or heating the inside of your home.