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It’s back to school time, and there are so many decisions to make! Parents must choose lunchboxes, school clothes, pencil erasers, gym shoes, locker décor and so much more. The countless details and decisions clamoring for parents’ attention leave little time to consider the quality of air that our children breathe as they travel to and from school. Right now, U.S. school systems have funding opportunities through the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust Fund for converting their school bus fleets from diesel to propane: a reliable, clean and American energy source.

In today’s fast-paced world, the last place we want to spend extra time is in the laundry room. However most of us have experienced the stress of a damp button-down when late for work, or the panic caused a wet jersey discovered moments before the big game. Propane powered gas dryers offer an efficient solution for these potential disasters and many other soggy emergencies, because propane dryers take one third less time than electric, allowing you to move on with your day faster. In addition, the average user can see a cost savings of up to 20% annually. Recently, we asked Blossman customers to tell us about their own experiences with a propane dryer.

In commemoration of Blossman Gas’ 65th anniversary year, we are providing you, our valued customers, a historical look at our company’s history and founders in a four-part series. This is the fourth and final segment of the History of Blossman Gas.

Summer may be ending, but don’t stow away your grill just yet. With fall football in full swing, it’s time to move the BBQ from your backyard to the parking lot. Next time you support your favorite team, pack up the party and your portable propane grill.