Emergency Readiness Scavenger Hunt

Goal: Educate children on your disaster plan.
Ages: Appropriate for all ages with adult supervision.

Must be supervised.

What To Do:

Severe weather can move in fast and be hard to predict, which is why it’s important to have emergency supplies ready. Review the items in this Emergency Kit Scavenger Hunt to see what you can find in your home!

A little healthy competition is a fun way for the family to connect and bond with each other. Keep track of who found what by awarding 1 point for every item found on the list, and 2 points for every item found not on the list that the family would need! After your search is complete, make a list of what you still need. Parental supervision is recommended during the scavenger hunt.

Graphic of Emergency Kit

Bringing it All Together:

After going through and finding the emergency kit items, take time to also discuss different disaster plans in case of fire, hurricane, tornado, or other threat. Also, this is a great opportunity to review where children can find your emergency contact list and any other important information.