Who is Blossman: Rosa Delgado

Blossman Gas has always been considered a company that exists for the benefit of its employees, so that they may in turn deliver superior service to customers. Rosa Delgado, a Customer Care Center Representative at the Blossman Gas office in Ocean Springs, MS, is a perfect example of that. Originally from Panama, Rosa graduated from Laurel High School in Laurel, MS in 2013.

Rosa stayed close by after graduating high school to attend Jones County Junior College. “I had a variety of interests after high school. I wanted to go ahead and take some of the basic courses needed to move forward in my education,” says Delgado. After receiving her Associate’s Degree, Rosa moved to Biloxi, MS. “I wanted to be on the coast and thought it would bring better opportunities.”

Rosa Delgado pictures with Blossman Leadership

In January of 2019, Rosa was hired by Blossman Gas to work in the Customer Care Center. “I had some experience in customer service, and knew Blossman had a good reputation. It felt like a good opportunity as I continue to sort out my path,” says Delgado. “I enjoy helping Blossman customers with whatever they need. I speak fluently in Spanish, which can be needed in our department.”

Rosa received her United States Citizenship in January of 2020.  “It was something that I had put off for a while. The financial cost and paperwork that comes with it made me hesitant, however, I knew it was time to be official in this country,” says Delgado. “I studied flash cards and took online practice tests in my free time for months leading up to the test. My boyfriend, Dequarius Blair, and I went to New Orleans for the ceremony. He and all of my coworkers at Blossman were very supportive throughout the process. It’s an honor to be an official citizen of the United States.”

On behalf of Blossman Gas, we congratulate Rosa on her United States Citizenship and thank her for the superior customer service she provides our customers!