Who is Blossman: Parker Fisher

Blossman Employee Parker FisherAll set to graduate from Asheville Christian Academy in 2017, Parker Fisher had a unique vision for life after high school. Parker was enrolled to attend Toccoa Falls College in northeast Georgia, while planning to study youth ministry. “It was always my passion in high school,” says Fisher. “I wanted to give opportunities to kids who needed it the most.”

Parker’s freshman year at Toccoa Falls, unfortunately, came with great personal hardship. His sister, Taylor, passed away after a long battle with medical complications. Parker decided to move back home at the end of the school year to be with his family and help with bills. “My family needed me in so many ways at that time, I knew what I had to do.”

Seeing A Better Employment Opportunity 

Working at a home improvement store, Parker was seeking a better employment opportunity. “I was talking to one of my best friends from high school about wanting to be with another company, and he mentioned that his father worked for Blossman Gas. I didn’t know much about Blossman, however, after doing my research I was very interested in the possibility of working with the company.” Parker was hired at the Blossman Gas location in Asheville, NC in the Office Administration department.

After a few months of working in the warehouse, around the office, and filling cylinders, Parker transitioned into a Service Technician position. “I knew there was a need in our service department and told my manager I was interested in the opportunity. It’s been a great transition, I never know what a particular day is going to look like beforehand,” says Fisher. “I enjoy the customer interaction and being able to repair or install whatever our customers need from us.”

Hopes for the Future

When asked what he hopes for his future with Blossman Gas, Fishers says, “I want to stay with the company. The great thing about Blossman is all the different departments and possibilities we have to be a part of. I am enjoying working on the service side currently, but may be interested in being a part of our sales team down the road. I just want to keep an open mind and see what opportunities come my way.”