Who is Blossman? Meet Roy Chiles IV

Raised in Gordonsville, VA, Roy Chiles IV graduated from Louisa County High School in 1994. Roy went into the workforce after graduating high school. He started working for a company that built handrails, went on to work in carpentry, and worked under a general contractor. In 2003, Blossman Gas opened a location in Gordonsville, VA, and was needed to fill positions.

Blossman Career

Roy accepted a position with the Blossman store in Gordonsville originally to be part-time. “I did a little bit of everything when I first started with the company. With our store just in the beginning stages, I needed to be involved with a little bit of everything,” says Chiles. “Starting in a part-time position gave me the opportunity to obtain my CDL license.” Roy later was later hired to a full-time position as a Gas Salesman for the Gordonsville location.

Throughout his years with the company, Roy has been involved with doing field training with the company. While also being active with his local fire department for over 20 years, Roy says he grew to really appreciate the importance of safety and training. “Between my time with the local fire department and being able to work alongside of Gary Sly [Director of Technical Services for Blossman Gas], I knew my passion was in the field of training.” In 2019, after serving time as a Gas Salesman, Service Technician, and Regional Dispatcher with the company, Roy transitioned into the position of Regional Safety/Training Coordinator with Blossman Gas.

A Typical Blossman Day

When asked what a typical day looks like in his role Roy says it all depends on where he is located. “If I’m in the office then I am usually on the phone answering questions about codes, doing audits, or discussing whatever issues one of our new hires is having. I am often though on the road onboarding new employees. That involves making sure they have a strong grasp of the positing they’re filling with us and teaching our company principles, so they are prepared to serve our customers.”

When discussing what Roy always wants to make sure our new hires understand during the onboarding process, he says, “That Blossman is different than other propane companies. We are still a family-owned company and are always evolving in innovation within the company. Any new hire should be excited to be a part of what we have going on at Blossman Gas.”