Who is Blossman? Meet Cindy Haines.

Early on

After growing up and graduating high school in Steele, MO, Cindy Haines, Service Manager for the Blossman Gas store in Ocala, FL, moved around often. “Before settling into Florida, I was able to experience a lot of the country moving for military reasons with my husband.”

Haines moved to Fort Walton Beach, FL, in the late 1980s, where her career in propane started. Cindy accepted an administration role with Synergy Gas. “I knew I would enjoy being a part of the propane business very early on after starting at Synergy,” says Haines. “I started to work more with our service department, which I found very rewarding.”

Move to Blossman

Cindy later moved to the Ocala, FL, area while working in the service department with AmeriGas. At the beginning of 2020, Cindy accepted the Service Manager position for the Blossman Gas location in Ocala. “With how familiar I was with the industry; I had known for awhile that Blossman had one of the best reputations in the business. After interviewing and meeting the team in Ocala, I knew it would be the right move for me.”   

When asked about what a typical workday looks like, Cindy explained that she is always trying to make sure her team is equipped with everything they need for customers. “I am usually in the office filling out work orders or talking on the phone with customers and our team members out in the field. I am often checking on the status of parts or appliances and relaying the information to whoever is needing it.” Although the COVID 19 pandemic started soon after Cindy joined the Blossman store in Ocala, she says the strength of her team has made the difficult time easier. “Even though navigating through COVID presents challenges, everyone at our store has persevered for our customers. Many of our customers experienced hurricanes this summer and we were still able to provide them service in a safe manner.”

Hopes for the Future

When asked what she hopes for her future with Blossman Gas, Haines says, “I have really enjoyed my career in the propane industry and working with Blossman Gas has been the most rewarding stop along the way. I hope to retire here, as we have a great team in place who are always looking out for what’s best for our customers.”