Who is Blossman: Getahun Bogale

Getahun BogaleBlossman Gas has always been considered as a company that truly exists for the benefit of its employees so that they may in turn deliver superior service to Blossman Gas customers. Getahun Bogale, a Gas Salesman at the Gainesville, GA branch, is a perfect example of that. Originally from Ethiopia, Getahun has been an employee at Blossman Gas since 2014.

“I am excited to reach the five-year mark with the company this August,” says Getahun. “It all started driving past the Blossman location here in Gainesville. There was a driver needed sign in the window.” Getahun was driving for a different company at the time, and looking for a new opportunity. “I used to be away from my family for many nights at a time. At Blossman, I get to go home every night and spend time with my family.”

Getahun received his United States Citizenship last month. “My wife received her citizenship before I did. I am happy that my citizenship is finalized. I take pride in being able to tell my family and friends that I am now an official U.S. citizen.”

When asked what has kept Getahun at Blossman all these years, he replied “Family. I enjoy working for a family-owned company, and all of my co-workers feel like brothers and sisters to me.”

On behalf of Blossman Gas, we congratulate Getahun on his United States Citizenship and thank him for his years of great customer service with us!