Who is Blossman: Dennis Smith

In December of 2016, Dennis Smith accepted the Service Technician position at the Blossman Gas store in Asheville, NC. Being that the winter season had already begun, Dennis knew he had to adapt quickly. “I anticipated Blossman customers needing propane and infrastructure with the weather turning cold, and I was ready to do my part.” In 2018, when Blossman opened its new location in Hendersonville, NC, Dennis transferred from the Asheville store to be closer to his family. During his time working for the company, Dennis has proven his ability to provide extraordinary customer service to his Blossman customers.

A Friend Instead of Service Professional

Dennis Smith - Blossman Gas Service Technician Pictured At Blossman Gas Store in Front of FireplaceIt is common for customers to send an email or call our store in Hendersonville to tout their appreciation for the service they received from Dennis. Often, it is requested by customers that Dennis be the one who services them when possible. “I enjoy reading and being told about the feedback that we receive. 85-90% of my job is spent inside the home of a customer. I always want to be told about the experience, whether they are happy or not, so it can be better moving forward.” When asked why he is often involved in positive feedback from Blossman customers, Dennis pointed to a consistent process. “Before arriving at a customer’s home, I always make sure to have boot covers and all of my tools. When I greet the customer, I try to introduce myself more as a friend instead of a service professional.”

While completing work inside the home of a customer, Dennis brought up many key points he keeps in mind. “It’s not unusual for me to be inside the home of one of our retired customers, some of whom live by themselves. They usually appreciate having a conversation throughout the process. Sometimes it can be a situation where the customer is stressed about the service work being done. It is important when that is the case to remain confident and assure them that it will be taken care of. If the customer sees you stressed about the situation, how do you think they will feel about it?”

Quality Customer Service – No Matter What

When the job is complete, Dennis tries to make sure the customer is in a positive mindset before leaving. “I try to make some sort of joke before leaving, depending on the situation, and I like to see a smile or hear a laugh. You have to be patient and answer any questions the customer may have. The last thing I do is give out my business card. No matter what happens, I let the customer know that we would appreciate any feedback they may have to offer and to please call if they need further assistance.”

Dennis is one of the many Blossman Gas employees who demonstrates quality customer service, no matter what the situation may be. We thank Dennis for his continued dedication and commitment to delivering the highest quality service to our customers. As Blossman’s core values state, ‘Do unto others as they need you to do unto them.’