Who Is Blossman?

A series in which Blossman Gas employees provide insight into what it’s like to work a day in their shoes.

Who Is Blossman - Meet Dee Lathem Manager

Dee Lathem
Area 35
Manager of Canton and Cartersville, GA Stores

Q: What motivates you to come to work every day?

A: I love working with my teams to serve our customers. Each team member is hand-selected to fill a particular service role at the highest level possible. By conducting continuing education, our employees are prepared to answer customer questions with expert knowledge and complete honesty.

Q: What is your greatest challenge in the propane industry?

A: Most people aren’t programmed to think a woman can do the technical propane work we do here. I work hard to remain up to date with technical certifications that are standard within the industry. I want to understand every aspect of the propane process so I can communicate effectively with my team and customers in a way they can easily understand. This helps our customers make solid, informed decisions.

Q: What is your main message to customers?

A: I want them to know the honest ins and outs of pricing, offering them all applicable options so that Blossman can best meet their unique needs. I also let them know we are going to make mistakes, but we will make it right. It’s the secret of keeping customers – most people respect honesty. If you do a good job and treat customers fair, and you stand behind what you tell them you’re going to do, I believe it pays off. I keep that in mind in everything we do here.

Q: Why did you choose Blossman?

A: I started working with a small family-owned propane company in 1989 and absolutely loved the corporate culture based on family values, along with the constantly changing face of the propane industry. When the founder passed away and the company closed in 2010, I was offered multiple jobs with a national propane company, but it didn’t “feel” right. When I found Blossman Gas, it felt like fate. Everyone at Blossman has been fantastic – it feels like one big family. I believe in doing my job to the best of my ability in order to make it a great work environment for my employees, myself, and the company.