Who is Blossman? Meet Dedrick Blair.

Dedrick Blair, Gas Salesman for Blossman, delivering propane at D.C. Stadiums.

Early On

After growing up in Washington, D.C., Dedrick Blair, Gas Salesman for the Blossman Gas store in Berryville, VA, joined the Army when he graduated high school in 1994. “The military made a lot of sense for me after graduating from high school. It was a great learning experience and it set me up for the future.” Blair moved to Fort Hood, TX, where he served for 5 years.

After his time in the Army, Blair went on to work as a mechanic. He eventually accepted a position with Propane Taxi in the metro area of Washington D.C. That location was acquired by Blossman Gas in 2018 and was rolled into the Blossman Gas location in Berryville, VA. “I was excited for the opportunity when I found out I would be working for Blossman Gas. I had just received my CDL license and knew Blossman had a great reputation in our community.”

The Blossman D.C. Experience

Dedrick Blair, Gas Salesman for Blossman, delivering propane at D.C. Stadiums.

When asked what a typical day looks like for Dedrick, he explained that it usually revolves around traffic. Often referred to as “Beltway Blair”, Dedrick is usually delivering propane along on I-495 or within the city of Washington D.C. “Since I am usually traveling through Northern Virginia on my way into D.C. for deliveries, getting an early start is critical. I also have to always consider any tunnels that could be on my route or Hazmat restrictions within the city.” Dedrick is no stranger to the Washington D.C. sports venues, as they are often on his delivery route. “Growing up in the city and rooting for our local sports teams, it’s neat that I get to visit the arenas and stadiums often. Even though I’m always excited to see what they have going on that day, I think they’re even more excited to have their propane refilled.”

Blair also discussed how his co-workers in Berryville are always lifting each other up. “With as much territory as our store covers up here, we always have to be looking out for one another and we try to help each other out when possible. Our best quality in Berryville is our internal communication. We all have families, I myself am married with three kids, and having co-workers and a manager who will work with you to make sure you have the needed time away to spend your family makes it all work.”