Who is Blossman? Meet Dave Romick.

Gannon Romick, Ben Roethlisberger, and Dave Romick Pictured Together at Arlington High School Hall of Fame InductionBlossman Gas has always been considered as a company that truly exists for the benefit of its employees so that they may in turn deliver superior service to our Blossman Gas customers. Dave Romick, a part-time employee at the Asheville, NC, branch, is a perfect example of that. After retiring from the Asheville Police Department (APD), Dave started working part-time at Blossman Gas in June of 2018.

Dave joined the APD in 1989 as an officer. He worked in the Detective Office for twelve years, and he retired as Sergeant Detective with the APD on March 1st, 2017. Dave, not someone one you should lie to, administrated numerous polygraph exams during his time at APD and was considered a Senior Polygraph Examiner! After a year of retirement, Dave was looking for an opportunity to be more active in the community.

“It all started by being a customer. I would stop by the Blossman store in Asheville regularly to get my grill and fire-pit tank filled,” says Dave. “After retiring from the APD, I began to notice how I enjoyed interacting with the employees when I stopped by. Since moving to the area in 1988, I have developed strong community ties throughout the years. Blossman has always been held in high regard, and I’ve enjoyed being part of the team since coming on-board.”

David Lipe, General Manager in Asheville, NC, added “Dave is always on time for work and has duties around the branch each day he is here. One of his main duties is greeting people, whether it be someone stopping by for a grill cylinder or a food truck that needs to be filled. He has his ‘regulars’ on Saturdays and calls a lot of them by their first name. He will bring dog biscuits for his customers’ pets and candy for their kids. Dave has been a great addition to the Blossman team in Asheville since starting with us.”

Dave grew up in Arlington, OH, and played football for Arlington High School, he was even part of two state champion teams! Dave, along with his former high school teammates, were recently inducted into the Arlington High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Ben Roethlisberger attended Finley High School, a neighboring town to Arlington, and was inducted into the same hall of fame in 2018. His son, Gannon Romick, attended the induction ceremony with Dave. He is often talking about Gannon, as he is a Sergeant in the U.S. Army with the 101st Airborne.

On behalf of Blossman Gas, we thank Dave for protecting the Asheville community and bringing superior customer service to our team, and thank Gannon for his service in the U.S. Army!