Warm Front Window Heater

The Warm Front Window Heater was created as an innovative solution for heating spaces in which an open flame heater is not recommended. This propane fueled window heater is easy to install – similar to a window A/C unit and only requires basic tools. If you’re looking for a heating solution, contact your local Blossman Gas team to learn more.

WarmFront Window Heater
WarmFront Window Heater
Warm Front

The Warm Front Window Heater is perfect for mobile, modular, manufactured, and tiny homes, or, maybe you have a remodeled space that needs additional heat. It’s the ideal solution for shops, garages, or hunting-fishing camps.

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Warm Front Window Heater Features

✓  2 person-DIY installation, installation process like a window A/C unit and requires basic tools.

✓  Dimensions: W 22 1/2″; H 11 1/2″ in the window and 13″ in room; L: 38 1/2″

✓  Zero clearance to combustibles.

✓  Can be installed in a window or a framed opening.

✓  Fuel supply can connect to a propane cylinder like a gas grill does. Hose already attached. PROPANE ONLY.

✓  Direct vent type heater- all combustion air from outside and exhaust back to outside.

✓  Circulates cool room air, warms it, and distributes it back into the room similar to what a furnace does.

✓  Efficient-No standing pilot, has electronic ignition.

✓  Quiet operation so it can be installed in a bedroom.

✓  Touch screen thermostat with on/off-temperature up and down, dimmer bar.

✓  A separate on/off switch for extra safety.

✓  Can heat up to 1,000 square feet of space.

✓  20,000 btu.

✓  8’ electrical cord. 120 VAC – 50/60 HZ.

✓  1 year warranty.

✓  Proudly made in the USA.

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