4 Ways to Update Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Fire Pit

With sunny summer days upon us, we all want to spend as much time as possible outside. If you are like us, you love to revitalize the look of your outside gathering spots before settling into full relaxation mode. Watch our video below to see more on updating your outdoor living space!

Here are 4 ideas to help you update your outdoor living space:

  1. Install a Fire Pit. A fire pit gives you the capability to control the experience. You can have low flames or high flames, thick flames or thin flames depending on the type of fire pit you desire. Whatever type of natural brightness or relaxing surrounding you wish to create, you can do so with propane.
  2. Update your Grill. Have you considered updating you grill? Common signs that your grill may be ready for replacement are a rusty or cracked firebox, yellow or uneven flames, and an unreliable igniter.
  3. Glow with a Gas Lantern. For a stylish, old-world look, you might want to consider using gas lanterns for your outdoor lighting. For those who live in a region where insects are attracted to outdoor lights, here’s a great bonus for gas lanterns: they do NOT attract bugs.
  4. Invest in a Deep Fryer. From fried chicken to the Thanksgiving turkey, the irresistible combination of a crispy exterior and moist interior is owed to a deep fryer. Designed for strength, safety, and function, an outdoor fryer is an essential tool for your patio.

Blossman Gas has an assortment of propane outdoor living products that fit all budgets such as gas grills, fire pits, custom outdoor kitchens, outdoor cooker and ovens, and much more. Contact your local Blossman Gas store for more appliance choices and to schedule a qualified service technician for an estimate on your new backyard.