Transporting Propane Grill Cylinders Safely

Propane Grill Cylinder picture on brick patio around summer plants

Frequently, people don’t think about refilling their propane tanks until it is too late. Your tank isn’t quite empty, however, once you start trying to use it to fuel your grill, it runs out. This year, be sure to check your cylinders and have them full before your upcoming cookout!

When taking them to be refilled, propane cylinders should always be properly transported and stored securely. Here are some key transportation tips to consider:

>> The tank should be secured in an upright (vertical) position.

>> Do not transport more than 90 lbs of total propane weight in an enclosed vehicle.

>> Do not smoke while transporting propane.

>> Return your filled propane cylinder to a secure and upright position outdoors (not in a garage or shed).

>> Never leave propane tanks inside a vehicle.

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