Tiered Rental Program

Man tightening propane tank - close up of arm and tank connector

Blossman Gas is transitioning customers with residential propane tanks to our new Tiered Rental Program. Under this Program, customers who use more than the minimum usage for their propane tank throughout the year will pay the lowest rental amount for their tank size. Customer tank rental will be based upon their gas usage over the previous 12 months. 

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about our new Program.

  • What is Tiered Rental?
    • Tiered Rental is simply a method to charge rent for your tank based on the quantity of gas purchased over the previous 12 months. The greater the usage, the lower the equipment rental.
    • It is very similar to electric or natural gas meter fees but, generally much less expensive than what utilities charge.
  • What does my tank rent cover?
    • Safety: Every time our Blossman Gas Delivery Personnel comes to your home, we perform a visual inspection of our tank. If necessary, we utilize tools to evaluate the integrity of your system.
    • Blossman is responsible for all maintenance on your tank. This includes painting, valve replacement, code compliance, general upkeep and federal compliance for cathodic protection testing on underground tanks.
  • What are the benefits of leasing a tank versus buying it new?
    • Lower Up-Front Cost: Blossman Gas is lowering your upfront cost by investing in your tank for you. Generally, it takes more than 15 years before a customer will recover the equipment rental amount versus purchasing the tank upfront.
    • Maintenance: During this 15-year period, the tank may require valve replacement or maintenance and will be costly to bring up to date if not properly maintained. With Blossman, you can be assured that your rental tank will be properly maintained and safe.
  • Can I opt-out of the Tiered Tank Rental Program if I am renting my tank from Blossman Gas?
    • Currently, the Tiered Tank Rental Program is the tank rental program offered by Blossman Gas.

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