Blossman Family Summer Recipe Collection

Cooking outdoors can be more than grilling hot dogs and hamburgers at your family barbecue. In this Blossman Family Summer Recipe Collection, Blossman highlights how you can cook just about anything outside with propane appliances – from grilled peaches on the gas grill to Neapolitan style pizza on the gas-fired pizza oven. These recipes, including Cajun slaw sliders and prosciutto wrapped figs, will turn a mundane evening into the cookout of the summer!

At the end of the cookbook, you will see a wide variety of gas grills, pizza ovens, cookers, and fryers that Blossman has to offer. Enjoy all the benefits of cooking outdoors with propane, including the on-demand heat and the ease of temperature control. Simply come home, turn on your grill or pizza oven, and you’re ready to go!