Save Money on Your Electric Bill

Family playing board game in front of gas fireplace

Millions of Americans are saving money on their electric bill by using propane throughout their homes, and you can too. Propane is a clean, efficient, and reliable energy source that many homeowners trust to heat their homes, as well as power other appliances throughout the home.

Renee Honeycutt, a customer serviced through the Blossman store in Lexington, NC, personally attested to the money she was saving by using propane in the winter. “I love my propane fireplace. In the winter, I went from paying $160 in electric bills with a heat pump to a total of $100 a month for electric and propane,” said Honeycutt. “Over the summer, I will look into adding a propane tankless water heater too.”

As heating and cooling technology become more sophisticated, homeowners are asking builders to help them find the best options for their dollar. It takes 2.61 units of electricity to produce and deliver one unit of energy to a home, versus just 1.01 for propane. Propane wins hands down.

Units of Energy Propane vs. Electric
*This data is based on national averages, it may be different in your area.

Propane is a clean alternative fuel and can be used nearly anywhere. Often used power back-up generators, water heaters, fireplaces, cooktops, and other high-efficiency propane appliances are helping homeowners achieve energy-efficient living.

The sooner you upgrade to the propane lifestyle, the sooner you’ll have the performance you want at lower costs. Ask your Blossman Gas store today about which propane appliances are best to lower your home’s energy costs.