Safety Measures to Protect Employees and Customers

With the spread of COVID-19, Blossman Gas is taking extra measures to keep our communities safe, including the use of proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when out in the field. When used properly and with other infection control practices such as handwashing, PPE minimizes the spread of infection from one person to another. 

“We know that many people are counting on us at Blossman Gas during this very challenging period.  We are grateful that we are still able to serve our customers while also doing it in a safe and reliable manner.”

Stuart Weidie, Blossman Gas President and CEO

The type of PPE Blossman uses varies based on the level of precautions needed. The following are steps our employees are following to ensure safety for our customers.


Fully cover torso from neck to knees, arms to end of wrists, and wrap around the back

Fasten in back of neck and waist

Mask or Respirator

Secure ties or elastic bands at middle of head and neck

Fit flexible band to nose bridge

Fit snug to face and below chin

Fit-check respirator

Goggles or Face Shield

Place over face and eyes and adjust to fit


Extend to cover wrist of isolation gown

Blossman Employee Taking Extra Precautions at the Store

Blossman Gas employees are continually using safe workplace practices to protect our customers and limit the spread of the virus. Those practices include keeping hands away from face, limit surfaces touched, changing gloves, and performing regular hand hygiene such as using hand sanitizer or washing hands. We are also disinfecting all cylinders before and after being filled, as well as encouraging contactless ways to pay, such as our online portal.

When speaking on how Blossman employees have handled the situation, Scott Sturdivant, Regional Vice President said, “I don’t know if I can express the gratitude that I have for the way our folks have responded during the crisis. They’ve consistently embraced everything from the safety practices that we’ve implemented, to responding to customer request quickly with a selfless desire to serve. You don’t know what you’re made of until you’re squeezed, everything that I’ve seen exudes compassion and teamwork.”