Resilient Homes: Preparing for Future Adversity

As more communities struggle with devastating natural disasters from serve weather, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners are preparing for a future of uncertainties. Resilience is gaining particular traction among architects, builders, and homeowners as they try to develop benchmarks and strategies for construction of efficient, durable homes that can help protect people from weather events and extended power outages.

Two story home with two car garage in front of home - lights on at night

The basic definition or premise of resiliency is to be prepared, or to have the ability to bounce back from adverse situations. Propane offers a range of resilient solutions for homes across the residential market. In the event of a power outage, for instance, standby propane generators can support backup power, heating, or both. Energy-efficient propane generators can be easily combined with solar, wind, or other renewable energy resources to create durable, independent, hybrid energy systems for residential and commercial off-grid applications.

Standby generators have proven to be an asset for homeowners in the aftermath of a crisis, but there are numerous ways that you can utilize propane to make your residence compatible with whole-house resilience strategies. From furnaces and space heaters to tankless water heaters, dryers, fireplaces, and ranges, adding propane appliances is one of the many ways to decrease electricity consumption and add extra stability in your home.  

Propane furnaces and propane dryers deliver warmer air faster than their electric counterparts; while hot water heaters deliver more hot water with three times the efficiency of an electric heater. When compared to electric appliances, propane improves efficiency, reduces energy costs, all while providing a reliable source of energy should a disaster hit your community.

Blossman Gas has an assortment of propane appliances that fit all budgets and can help homeowners start to incorporate propane as part of their whole-house resilience strategy. Contact your local Blossman Gas store to find out further information.